Everyone is different, and as a result, two individuals may have the same problem with two different results. Some players may be able to perform effortlessly even with a bad body map, or improper posture. Many flutists could benefit from body mapping, the Alexander Technique, or a simple exercise program(51).

To prevent complications you should always consult a doctor before starting an exercise program. Through exercise programs a musician will learn the physiology of his or her own body. This knowledge is just as important as leaning how to read music. When a flutist learns how his or her body works, they will enjoy playing because the pain is gone. Playing the flute should be fun, and when hindered by arm pain, it takes the joy out of playing. If your pain is serious, you should contact a physical therapist that works with musicians, so you do not damage your arm further. If you continue to play the flute, and your pain is intensified, there may be a good change that the damage is permanent. Arm pain need not coincide with flute playing.

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